Drug rehab is also known as Drug rehab litation. Rehab refers to the process of either medical or psychosocial intervention given to drug addicts. These drugs include alcohol and medically prescribed drugs plus hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. It aims at assisting victims stop drug abuse by helping them avoid general problems that may result from habits like crime, debts, social deviance and physical and psychological disorders that could result from continued use of the drug.

Programs offered during drug rehabilitation

Programs offered during drug rehab include in patient treatment, out patient treatment, local support groups among many others. Additionally, there are some rehabilitation centers that offer services to specific gender and age. Scientific research has indicated support for rehabs since it provides a variety of services to the addicts rather than only focusing on drug use.

The initial step in drug rehab is detoxification, which is a combination of both medical and counseling. It works well for this process. Treatment that incorporates relapse control follows because it is crucial in efficient progress of the therapy. However, the treatments should take care of the overall needs of a patient from physical, psychological and social. This may be done through community and family based care. The entire rehab process can never succeed if the patient does not show any cooperation by first adopting a positive attitude.

Generally, the type of treatment given to the patient will solely depend on the severity of the addiction. One who is severely addicted is likely to be put on several programs unlike the one who is suffering a mild addiction.

During drug rehabilitation addicts of prescribed drugs undergo same treatments to those who have abused drugs that affect the same brain systems.

Various types of behavioral therapy are vital in drug rehab since they help to shape the patient’s attitude and lifestyle in general. Cognitive and behavioral therapy is intervention used in drug rehabilitation, which assists the patients to understand, and keep away from situations that would make them relapse. Family therapy helps to correct the victim’s functioning within the family. Giving of incentives to avoid the addiction habit has also shown a lot of success in drug rehab. However, rehabilitation centers counsel the addicts to assist them get back to normal their normal lifestyle.

Are you looking for a drug rehabilitation center that provides age or gender specific services? The substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration have offered a list of units that will help you solve friend’s or family members addiction problem. Among these are :Partners for Recovery, (PFR), medical assisted treatment(MAT), Recovery and Community Services Program(RCSP) and National Center for Substance Abuse and Child Welfare.

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