How to Choose A Bikini To Flatter Your Figure! A Bikini For Your Body Type

It’s bikini season, so we want to help you choose a bikini for your body type to flatter your figure. We show you how to pick a bikini for 6 body types: pear shape, apple shape, big butt, small butt, big bust and small bust.

How to flatter your bikini body

Understand your body type and then shop for styles that are appropriate. Remember, you can buy tops and bottoms that are mismatch to create the perfect body shape and create illusions where necessary.


How To Choose A Swimsuit To Flatter Your Bikini Body

1. How to choose a
bikini for a
Pear Shape bikini body: (if your body is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom)

An embellished top with fringe, ruffle or embroidered detail balances out a pear shaped proportions. Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Eva Longoria and Rihanna have a pear shape so you can see what looks good on them.

Top: Embellished, fun prints and trendy details like ruffles, fringe give the illusion of a fuller top.  A bandeau top should have molded cups for a balanced look on the top. Bottom: A bottom with a wide band that lays flat against the hips or a bottom with the option to tie at different spots is flattering.  A bottom with a sliding embellishment to a narrower to give the illusion of narrower hips.

Mix and Match –  Pair a decorative bikini bottom with an embellished top. Visually, the eyes will be drawn towards the upper half of your body and away from your hips and rear.

Yellow Bikini Top Buy this or one like it here


Always For Me Plus Size Swimwear

2. How to choose a bikini for an Apple shape bikini body: (wider at the top with minimal waist definition)

An apple shaped body needs a bikini tops that will minimize wide shoulders and a bikini bottom that give the illusion of more curves. Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kesha, Jennifer Lawrence, and Drew Barrymore also have an Apple shape.

Wider halter straps make your shoulders appear narrower. Embellished side band bottoms or side ties give extra volume just below the waist and embellished tie-sides add drama. These bottoms are great for balancing out an apple shape.


Yellow triangle bikini

How to choose a bikini for a Large Butt: like Khloé Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Clarkson, Venus and Serena Williams

Bikini Recommendation: Mix and match a printed bottom with a printed top. This will draw the eye upward, away from your tush.  A bottom with an adjustable piece on the side of the bottom can adjust the size of the butt that you want.

4. How to choose a bikini for a Small Butt: A Brasilian bikini bottom (ruched bikini bottom) is the best style bottom for a small butt. Details like side-ties, fringe, and ruching will help to balance out your bottom half.

Bikini Recommendation: Bottoms with tie sides dangling at the hips will pull the eyes outward. Bottoms with a side sash, side fringe, a bottom with a detailed or embellished band is good for a small butt.

Bikini Bottoms with a side sash

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How to Choose a Bikini

Warm weather means swimsuit season. For most women, it also means the dreaded trip to pick out this year’s bikini. However, this doesn’t have to be a nightmare shopping trip. You don’t have to have to have a certain body type to rock a bikini; in fact, people of all shapes and sizes can do with a few tips and tricks on how to find the best bikini for you. You’ll find a bikini that fits well, suits your style, and provides the right degree of support in no time at all


  1. Choose a Bikini Step 1.jpg
    Determine your body shape. Your body type will determine what you choose to highlight or downplay with your bikini. Here are the most common types:

    • Athletic — Your bust and hips are both fairly small, and you’re skinny overall. You can emphasize your small frame, or try to make your bust and hips appear bigger.
    • Apple — You tend to put your weight in your bust and belly, but your legs and hips are smaller. To imitate an hourglass, choose a bottom that makes your hips look bigger and a top that makes your bust look smaller.
    • Pear — Your weight collects around your hips and butt, but your waist and shoulders are smaller. To imitate an hourglass, choose a top that makes your hips look smaller and your bust look bigger.
    • Hourglass — Your bust and hips are both wide, but your waist is narrow.
  2. Choose a Bikini Step 2.jpg
    Choose a top. The cut, color and fabric of your bikini top can all make a big difference in how it looks on you. Use these cheats to pick yours:

    • To make a small bust look bigger: Shun black, and instead opt for white or bright colors. You can also use ruffles to add the appearance of volume. Bandeau and halter bikini tops look best on small-breasted women. You can also find padded tops.
    • To make a large bust look smaller: Wear black or other dark colors, or busy patterns. Avoid any top that does not provide enough support for your breasts — choose a bikini top with an underwire, if possible, and avoid bandeaus like the plague. Steer clear of stripes or large patterns.
    • To emphasize your bust: Triangle tops, aka the classic string bikini look, will easily direct traffic to your assets. You can also emphasize cleavage with a
      halter bikini, or perkiness with a bandeau.
    • To support a large bust: Choose a top with wide straps, underwire support, and sufficient coverage.
  3. Choose a Bikini Step 3.jpg
    Choose a bottom. Not only will the bottom you select determine how your derriere looks, it can also emphasize your legs or direct attention away from them. Here’s what you need to know:

    • To make your butt look bigger: Choose a white or light-colored bottom. For extra emphasis, wear a ruffled string bottom or boyshorts.
    • To make your butt look smaller: Wear black or dark colors, and avoid stripes or busy patterns. Opt for a high-cut or tie-together bottom. Even though you might be tempted to cover up with boyshorts, don’t — they’ll only make you look wider.
    • To emphasize your butt: Wear — what else? — a string bottom. You can also choose one with a lot of details, such as rings, ruffles or patterns.
    • To make your legs look longer: Choose a high-cut bottom that rounds up to your hipbones.
    • To make your legs look shorter: Wear boyshorts, which will cut a sharp horizontal line at the top of your thighs.
  4. Choose a Bikini Step 4.jpg
    Coordinate your top and bottom. So you’ve decided what you want, but how do you put it together? Here are some tips for buying separates:

    • Wear a color that’s a shade or two lighter on the part you want to emphasize. For instance, if you want to draw attention to your bust, you might wear a light blue top with a darker blue bottom.
    • Coordinate your colors. Try going monochromatic (wearing two shades of the same color), pairing a bright color with white or black, wearing two jewel-toned colors (such as dark purple and dark blue), or pairing neutrals (such as white and black).
    • Don’t be afraid to get mismatched sizes. If you have a small bust but wide hips, swap out that top for a size small and get a size medium or large for the bottom — your two pieces don’t need to be the same size, they just need to fit. If you’re unsure about mixing and matching sizes, ask a salesperson for help.
  5. Choose a Bikini Step 5.jpg
    Keep it tasteful and age-appropriate. Few things cause more second-hand embarrassment than seeing someone else in a bikini they shouldn’t be wearing. Follow these basic guidelines to avoid disaster:

    • Avoid a string top if you’re larger than a C cup. If you’re falling out the sides of a string top, it’s too small — find something with more side support, like a halter.
    • Leave thongs to the celebrities. On the whole, they’re not flattering and show more than most people want to see.
    • Skirted bottoms are for old ladies. Unless it’s a pinup-style cut with more of a ruffle than a skirt, skip it.
    • Make use of a cover-up when you are walking to and from the beach or pool. Cover-ups are flattering and can help you to feel comfortable when not in the water. Look for cover-ups that are easy to remove and replace.
  6. Choose a Bikini Step 6.jpg
    Wear your bikini with confidence. The best bikini in the world will look unflattering if you keep your shoulders hunched and your posture sloppy. Show off what you’ve got! Stand up straight, keep your shoulders back, and hold your chin up. Add a smile and a confident attitude, and you’ll be stunning in that bikini.
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